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Quick Facts about Water Use in California --
And Why You Should Conserve


Shower Older style shower heads use 5-7 gallons per minute. Average 8 minute shower = 48 – 56 gallons. Low flow showerhead using 2 gallons per minute with a 5 minute shower = 10 gallons.
Brushing Teeth Older style faucet, tap running 1 minute = 5 gallons Low flow faucet aerator, Wet brush and rinse = 1/8 gallon
Bath Tub Full Tub = 35 gallons Minimal water level w/ less than half the tub filled = 10 gallons
Shaving Older style faucet, tap running 3 minutes = 15 gallons Low flow faucet aerator, plug water in sink basin = 1 gallon
Washing Dishes Older style faucet, tap running 5 minutes = 25 gallons Tap off while washing, sink ½ full with a rinse bowl = 5 gallons
Lawn Sprinklers Watering an extra 30 minutes per week = up to 300 gallons Water early mornings, only when needed, with minimal runoff
Car Washing Hose running, 10 minutes = 100 gallons Bucket, hose rinse w/ shut off nozzle = 10 gallons
Washing Hands Older style faucet, tap running 1 minute = 5 gallons Tap off while washing = ¼ gallon
Toilet Flushing Older style tank (pre -1990) = 3-7 gallons Low flush toilet = 1.6 gallons
Washing Machine Older style = 40 gallons per load Efficient model = 25 gallons
Automatic Dishwasher Full cycle = 25 gallons Short Cycle = 12 gallons
Drinking Water Run older style faucet 1 minute until water cools = 5 gallons Keep water in a container in the refrigerator = 1/8 gallon


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    Complimentary Water Audits

    The City of Yuba City offers complimentary water audits to customers within our service area. Upon request, Water Conservation staff will conduct a site visit to provide recommendations for reducing your water consumption in irrigation, leak detection and water saving improvements to your home or business. If interested, please contact our Water Treatment Facility at 530 822 4637.

    Conservation Kits

    Water Conservation Kits are also available by calling 530 822 4636.