Water-Wise Garden

The City of Yuba City Water-Wise Garden can be found at the Gauche Aquatic Park.  This botanical garden demonstrates a variety of plants that are showcased in four distinctive gardens:  California Natives, Wildlife Attracting, and Low Maintenance A and B Gardens.  The four gardens feature over 400 drought-tolerant plants for residents and businesses that are looking for a water-wise choice of landscaping.        

  • The California Native Garden features plants that thrive in the climate and soil conditions of our area.
  • The Wildlife Attracting Garden is designed to highlight water-wise plants that support native birds and insects.
  • The Low-Maintenance Gardens showcase hardy and reliable plants that require minimal maintenance.

Volunteer Resources 

The UCCE Master Gardeners of Yuba-Sutter volunteer to help maintain the Yuba City Water-Wise Garden.  Throughout the year they offer plant workshops and demonstrations for residents.

Additional Resources



For more information about the Water-Wise Garden, contact:
Jamie Teske

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