Bike Yuba City

Bike to Work Day

Get Out and BIKE!

Two wheels, fresh air, and miles of roadway dedicated for bikeways! Yes, we're talking about cycling in Yuba City. Bike Yuba City is an effort by The City of Yuba City to put more people on bicycles more often. Bicycles are the ultimate clean air, zero emissions vehicle on the road today and are the most economical form of transportation with the lowest maintenance. That's reason in itself to leave the car keys at home and get out and bike.

Cycling is a fast and practical way to get around town, especially in Yuba City where the climate is favorable and the terrain is flat. Plus, riding a bike is not only fun, it's a great form of exercise. Yuba City has over 108 miles of bikeways!

May is Bike Month!

May is the official Bike Month, so join The City of Yuba City as we challenge Yuba City residents to leave your car keys at home, put on your best looking helmet and bike to work, bike to shop and bike to play. Cycling is a way of life, so embrace it and enjoy life in the bike lane. 

Why Ride on Bike to Work Day?

Help shift the cultural norms of our ‘car culture’
Almost 35 percent of Yuba City commuters live within just five miles of their workplace, a bike-able distance for even inexperienced cyclists. If every person living this close to their workplace ditched their cars on Bike to Work Day alone, more than 15,000 vehicles would be off the road, reducing tailpipe emissions. Everyone’s commute is improved when people ride a bike.

Help shift safety concerns
Of course there are always concerns about riding a bicycle. However, there are many ways in which the bike rider can look out for their own safety. Wear a helmet and bright colored clothing. Put lights on your bike, follow the rules of the road, take your time and enjoy the ride. The more bikes we have out there, the more drivers will become accustomed to sharing the road.

Bike commuting will become easier the more you do it
You’ll begin to get in the ‘cycle’ of riding and preparation will become routine. You’ll begin to enjoy the extra ‘you’ time, exercise and time out of car congestion. Trust us, your body and mind will thank you.


Bike to Work Day