The City of Yuba City is located in the Yuba-Sutter Enterprise Zone. The Enterprise Zone helps businesses provinding five incentives which reduce a company's tax liability to the State of California:
  • Hiring Tax Credit: If you hire an eligible employee to work in the Zone, you may qualify for a state hiring tax credit. Each employee your business retains for five years could save you up to $37,440!
  • Sales and Use Tax Credit: If you buy manufacturing, data processing, or communications equipment such as computers, copy machines, telephone systems, and fax machines for use in a business inside the Zone, your company may be eligible for the sales and use tax credit. In any year, individuals can claim a credit on the first $1,000,000 of qualifying purchases, while corporations can claim the credit on the first $20,000,000. This credit can be claimed in addition to the Manufacturer's Investment Credit (MIC) you may also qualify to receive.
  • Business Expense Deduction: You can deduct the cost of each qualifying item of business equipment, furniture and fixtures (or other depreciable personal property) as a business expense in the year you place it into service maximum deduction of $20,000). You can also depreciate this property as you would normally, giving you additional benefits over the life of the property.
  • Net Operating Loss Carryover: Individuals or corporations in the Zone who show a net operating loss may be able to carry that loss over to future years to reduce future tax liability. Minimum taxes may still apply.
  • Interest Deductions for Lenders: A bank or individual making a loan to a business whose sole activity takes place in the Zone may deduct direct expenses incurred in making the loan from the interest income. The lender may also take a deduction equivalent to the net interest produced by the loan. As a borrower, this could mean more favorable rates or terms on a business loan.
  • Franchise Tax Board: The FTB administers tax related incentives for taxpayers conducting business activities in Enterprise and other incentive zones. Click here for an FAQ About Enterprise Zone Tax Incentives.

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