Yuba City Fire Department
Dedicated to Protecting Life & Property
Yuba City Fire Department
1907 Fire destroys most of Yuba City’s business district in the area of Second Street/Bridge Street. Efforts begin to incorporate the town as a city under the general laws of California.
1908 Yuba City election to incorporate community as the Town of Yuba City. Voters approve City incorporation.
1909 City Population 1,160

1909 City Council takes action to purchase two nozzles, five hundred feet of hose, and two hose carts. YCFD. The City Council appointed a Fire Chief in charge of the volunteer squad. Someone donated an old barn to be used for a firehouse, and so began the Yuba City Fire Department. In the early days, fire fighting was limited as there was an absence of a municipal water system. With the issuance of Municipal Water Works Bonds in 1908, the City erected and equipped a municipal water system for household use, irrigation purposes, and fire protection. After the water system was constructed, fire hydrants were installed.
1920 Thurlow Dowell – Fire Chief City Trustee (Councilman) Green raised a concern at the City Council meeting regarding the location of the City fire cart. He suggested that a committee be formed to look at other locations. Fire cart is located at the livery stable on Second Street.
1922 City Council authorizes the lease/purchase of a Reo-American LaFrance Double Tank Combination Chemical Engine and Hose Wagon. Lease cost of $4,254.74. This was the Department’s first piece of motorized firefighting equipment.
1925 City Council establishes pay for volunteer firefighters at a flat rate of $15.00/month per man. Volunteers required to attend 2 drills each month for pay.
Fire Department roster: Thurlow Dowell, Chief; Paul Gardner/J.W. Hicks, Driver of Chemical Engine; James Long, Harry Saunders, James Turnbull, Dewey Starr, Orlin Wallace, H.L. Webdell, Frank Euton, Connie Russell, William Bennett, William Hammons, Firemen. Monthly pay rates as follows: Chief - $25; Firemen - $15; Driver of Chemical Engine - $150
1926 James A. Long – Fire Chief
1928 Fire Department roster: J.A. Long, Fire Chief; Henry Williams, Resident Fireman; Miles Bushong, Chemical Truck Driver; L.C. Armstrong, Dewey Starr, Frank Euton, Orlin Wallace, John Tull, J.R. Vanderveen, William Bennett, William Hammons, R.P. Gooch, D.S. Heise, Firemen.
1929 William E. Bennett appointed Fire Chief City population: 3,605
1930 Former Fire Chief Thurlow Dowell elected to Board of Trustees (City Council) Former Fire Chief/Board of Trustee member Thurlow Dowell dies.
1933 Fire Department roster: Dewey Starr – Fire Chief; R.P. Gooch, Frank Euton, Orlain Wallace, John Tull, Al Rose, J.R. Downie, Ed Martin, W. Ullrey, Ralph Hastings – Firemen; Harold Rudge and Roy Welch – Fire Engine Driver.
1932 Dewey Starr – Fire Chief
1939 Yuba City Fire Department moves from Fire Station below the water tower on Plumas Street and into new offices and fire station, which was part of the City Hall facility, located at 441 Colusa Avenue, at the northwest corner of Colusa Avenue and Plumas Street.

1949 Frank M. Euton – Fire Chief
1950 Harold Rudge – Fire Chief City Population: 7,861
1951 Fire Department Roster: Harold Rudge – Fire Chief; Marvin Bohnsack, Dewey W. Hagan, Philip Petrie, Albert T. Sears, J. R. Pappa, B. A. Wasem, Leonard Karley, Earl Bishop, C. W. Rankin, Robery Caldwell, John Cassady, Glen Williams, George Caldwell, Lyndel G. Smith; Robert Guthrie – Assistant in Fire Department.
1960 City population: 11,507 Fire Station No. 1 built and staffed. This facility, located at 824 Clark Avenue, serves as the headquarters for the Yuba City Fire Department.
1964 Walton Fire Station No. 1 built and staffed. This facility, located at 211 So. Walton Avenue, served as the headquarters station for the former Walton Fire Protection District until its merger with the Yuba City Fire Department in September 2001.
1968 William Burke appointed Fire Chief.

1970 City population: 13,986
1979 Fire Station No. 2, located at 1641 Gray Avenue, built and staffed.
1980 Charles Lowden appointed Fire Chief City population: 18,736
1984 Randolph Lavelock appointed Fire Chief City population: 27,437
1993 Fire Station No. 3, located at 795 Lincoln Road, built and staffed.
1995 Marc Boomgaarden appointed Fire Chief.

2000 City population: 35,553
2001 The Walton Fire Protection District merges with the City of Yuba City Fire Department in ceremonies held at Walton’s headquarters. City Fire Department takes over responsibility for Fire Station 4 (211 S. Walton Ave.) and No. 7 (2855 Butte House Rd.) Department begins serving a combined City/County service area of approximately 30 square miles and 66,000 residents.
2002 Dedication of the Yuba City Fire Department’s new administrative headquarters, located at 824 Clark Ave. (Station 1).

2003 City population: 48,369
2006 City population: 60,507
2007 Department receives Federal SAFER Grant to hire three firefighters and improve engine company staffing.
2008 Department receives second SAFER Grant to hire three firefighters. This brings staffing on all five engine companies to three.
2009 Yuba City Fire Department Centennial (1909-2009). Department profiled in May issue of CSFA magazine. Centennial Badge developed.

2009 New Fire Station 4 opens on Ohleyer Rd. (replaces station on Walton Ave.).

2009 Fire Captain Eric Hankins receives California State Firefighters' Association Medal of Valor for rescuing two children from burning apartment while off duty.
2009 Department receives California OES Urban Search and Rescue equipment trailer.
2009 Fire Chief Marc Boomgaarden retires. Operations Chief Pete Daley named Fire Chief.

2010 City population: 63,338
2011 Station 7 Remodled

2018                                          Yuba City Fire Department becomes one of only twelve fire departments in California to host a State
                                                       Type II HazMat Response vehicle.
                                                       HazMat vehicle

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