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Business Self Inspection Program

Dear Business Owner/Manager:

The Yuba City Fire Department has initiated a Business Self-Inspection program. This program is free of charge and is designed for the general business that has a low-hazard potential for fires and life safety concerns. Your business has been selected as a low hazard, and one deemed to be included in our self-inspection program.

The self-inspection program will allow these "low-hazard" businesses to be inspected by YOU, the owner or manager, on a 24-month inspection cycle. We hope that by allowing you to identify and eliminate common fire hazards, we will encourage you to continue to maintain a fire-safe environment for your business WITHOUT a visit from the Fire Department every 24 months.

In order to make our self-inspection program successful, we want to make it as user-friendly as possible. By following the simple instructions and using the self-inspection worksheet, you will be able to conduct a fire safety inspection of your building at your convenience. As always, if you have any questions or need help with your self-inspection, the Fire Department is available to answer questions. You may reach Fire Prevention staff at (530) 822-4614 or (530) 822-4714. If needed, we will be happy to come to your business and assist you.

With your support and cooperation, we can make Yuba City a safer community for all of us, with less interruption and inconvenience for everyone.

Jesse M. Frias
Fire Marshal

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