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Candle Permit

One example of EACH different candle arrangement to be used at the event must be verify by YCFD prior to the event to be in compliance with the guidelines.  Fresh flowers around a candle do not require a permit.  If using anything other than fresh vegetation or flowers around the candle, the arrangement must be verified as fire retardant. 

The cost for a candle permit is $23.

Applicant is required to furnish the following information before a permit may be processed.
1. Type of open flame device to be used.
2. What is it being used for.
3. Where and when is it going to be used.

Issuance of permit subject to compliance with the listed requirements and approval by field inspection and necessary tests. A LIST OF THESE REQUIREMENTS TO BE ON PREMISES AT ALL TIMES.

1. The diameter of the base must be at least one-half the height of the candle or candle holder. 
2. The base must support the light or lamp on the entire perimeter. The use of the legs is not permitted unless the lamp is stable. 
3. Candle Holders Basic Requirements. (UFC 25.116-2)
a. Class I and II liquids 

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