What is Adopt-A-Park?

Adopt-A-Park is a City-wide community service program that recruits and trains residents to assist in the general care and maintenance of neighborhood parks and other park land on City property. Adopt-A-Park also educates the public about creating and preserving clean and safe parks for everyone.

Who can adopt a park?

Anyone! Adopt-A-Park aims to unite and support all people interested in improving Yuba City’s neighborhood open spaces. Our participants include:
• Individuals
• Senior Citizens
• Neighborhood associations
• Youth groups
• Schools
• Scouts
• Church groups
• Business
• Non-profit organizations
• Community groups

What can be adopted?

Particular areas within parks that may be adopted include:
• Flower beds
• Playgrounds
• Trees and shrubs
• Courts
• Undeveloped parkland
• Trails

How can we help?

Participants care for their adopted area in the following ways:
• Picking up litter
• Raking wood chips (playgrounds)
• Reporting park hazards/irrigation problems
• Sweeping courts and pathways
• Pulling weeds
Under the direction of the Parks Division
• Pruning
•  Planting

What are participants responsible for?

• Participants are required to read, understand, and abide by the Safety Guidelines on page 7. 
• Participants must abide by all park rules and ordinances. 
• Participants must notify the City of Yuba City to change specific participant duties. 
• Participants must notify staff when resigning. 
• Participants must spend a minimum of 8 hours per month at adopted site. 
• Participants must keep track of the number of hours spent working on a monthly basis and report total hours to the Recreation Department. Hours are due by the 5 th day of each month. Our office documents this information and tabulates total yearly hours, which helps our program in the following ways: Accounts for total donated time to the program for annual reports. Confirms the growth or decline in participation. Helps our office provide participant awards and recognition See the “Participant Hours Form” on page 3 for more information.