Best Practices

The City of Yuba City is working on a community-specific plan for best management practices. For the time being please find links to the California Stormwater Best Management Practice Handbooks. These handbooks have provided excellent guidance to the stormwater community since their publication by the Stormwater Quality Task Force (SWQTF) in 1993. The SWQTF became the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) in 2002 and in 2003 CASQA published an updated and expanded set of four BMP Handbooks. These Handbooks reflect the current practices, standards, and significant amount of knowledge gained since the early 90s about the effectiveness of BMPs. For additional information, please visit the CASQA website.

The handbooks are divided into four different categories listed below:

pict-01 New Development and Redevelopment
pict-02 Construction
pict-03 Industrial and Commercial
pict-04 Municipal

Through these handbooks we can all learn something that will help prevent or minimize stormwater pollution.