Did You Know?
  • Stormwater pollution is the #1 source of water pollution in the United States.

  • Polluted stormwater runoff is the #1 threat to California’s water quality.

  • More total water pollution in California comes from runoff in developed areas than factories.

  • One inch of rain falling on a one-acre parking lot produces 16 times more runoff by volume than the same inch of rain falling on a one-acre meadow.

  • Making a few changes in our daily lives can significantly reduce the amount of pollutants we contribute to stormwater runoff.

  • Storm drains carry untreated water directly into our creeks and streams. Dirt, litter, pet waste, or motor oil on the ground or in a ditch can end up in our water with just one rain event!

  • You can help reduce stormwater pollution by picking up after your pets. Pet waste pollutes water with nutrients and bacteria.

  • Fewer than half of American dog owners pick up after their pets.

  • One gallon of motor oil can contaminate one MILLION gallons of water.

  • One quart of motor oil can create an oil slick two acres in size!

  • Measured in acres, lawns would be the fifth largest U.S crop (after corn, soy, wheat, and hay).

  • Runoff pollution is water originating from rain, snowmelt, hoses, or pipes that picked up pollution as it traveled over roofs, land, and paved surfaces.

  • 40% of U.S. rivers and streams are too polluted for fishing or swimming.

  • On average, each American uses 448 gallons of motor oil in a lifetime.

  • The # 1 pollutant in stormwater by volume is sediment.
Source: Clean Water Education Partnership