Traffic Volume Data

The Public Works Department - Engineering Division performs traffic volume studies throughout the City. Traffic volume studies are conducted to determine the total number of vehicles on the road during a specific period of time. Data from these studies may provide classifications of roadway at a given location, critical peak hours, warrants for traffic control devices, or other traffic volume trends. A dynamic map which displays locations and results of traffic volume studies has been prepared and posted online for your convenience below.

How to use this map:

Simply zoom into the area of Yuba City for which you would like to determine the current traffic count data available. If you see a marker near your location, click on the marker to display the traffic volume data.

How to read this map:

Each traffic count data marker displays the following:

Street Name (Direction of/Cross Street Name)
Direction: 2 to 48 hour counts

Please note: Traffic volume data for SR99 and SR20 was obtained from the California Department of Transportation's Traffic Operations Program. For more information please visit their Traffic Census Program webpage.

For easier map navigation, open the map in a separate window, Traffic Volume Data Map.