Water Shortage Stage 2:

15% Conservation Goal!

California is experiencing a significant shortage of water, and subsequently the State has issued a voluntary water conservation goal of 15%. This is in line with the City’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan Stage 2 regulations. See the table below for the current conservation guidelines:

Voluntary State Recommendations:

Mandatory City Prohibitions

Irrigate one day less per week

No excess water runoff onto gutter, ditch, or drain

Run dishwashers & washing machines only when full

Failing to repair a controllable leak

Find and fix leaks

Washing down sidewalks, driveways, and other hardscape surfaces

Install water-efficient showerheads and take shorter showers

Using a hose without a shut-off nozzle

Use a shut-off nozzle on hoses

Irrigating during precipitation

Take cars to commercial car washes

Per State Executive Order N-10-21

Per City Council July 20, 2021

Resources:      Water-Efficient Rebates

                            Cellular Meter Water Use Tracking

                            Water Shortage Contingency Plan

Thank you for your water conservation efforts!