SR 20 Master Plan Questionnaire & Comments
Questionnaire & Comments

Highway 20 - Gateway & Streetscape Master Plan -

We encourage public comments and questions in the space below.  You would also help us by answering our short questionnaire before you leave.

Comments - 


Is the existing vehicular flow on Hwy 20 sufficient?  Yes No

The Highway is currently not aesthetically pleasing?   Yes No

Does the highway have too many access driveways?  Yes No

Vehicle congestion during peak times is a problem?  Yes  No

In general, the highway is not safe for pedestrians?  Yes  No

From an aesthetic standpoint the highway corridor should have a continuous uniform identity?  Yes  No

Do you feel comfortable on a bicycle or walking along this corridor?  Yes  No

Crossings to access the adjacent neighborhoods should be safer?  Yes  No

Transit is not easily used and accessed in the corridor? Yes  No

Would median landscape, trees and parkway trees be a good idea for the corridor?  Yes  No

Would you remove a joint access driveway if it meant better traffic flow and safer roads?  Yes  No

Security Measure