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Recreation service parks are parks that are designed and developed for active recreation and programmed use. Types of parks within this designation consist of community parks, neighborhood parks and passive or mini parks. Yuba City parks encompass qualities that promote comfortable, safe play, with facilities that stimulate a variety of play experiences and encourage individual, family and group activities.

Community Parks (View all)

Community parks are larger parks providing active and structured recreation activities for youth and adults. Generally they are designed for organized activities, sports and larger group functions. The City of Yuba City is proud to offer three beautiful Community Parks:


Neighborhood Parks (View all)

Neighborhood parks are a combination of playground and park with fairly intensive development that affords family oriented recreation activities. Smaller in size from Community Parks, Neighborhood Parks are central to the area intended to serve, with unstructured open areas for activities such as soccer or frisbee and structured children's play equipment. The City of Yuba City is proud to offer fifteen attractive Neighborhood Parks:


Passive Parks (View all)

Passive parks are small landscaped parcels. These mini-parks are intended to provide either specialized facilities that serve a local population or a specific user group and are typically limited to a small, attractive open area presentation. The City of Yuba City is proud to maintain three exceptional mini park opportunities:


City/School Parks and Sports Facilities (View all)

School District-owned properties that may include recreational components such as play equipment or sports fields:


Other Recreational Facilities (View all)




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