Adopt A Park Volunteer
What is Adopt-A-Park?
Adopt-A-Park is a City-wide community service program that recruits and trains residents to assist in the general care and maintenance of neighborhood parks and other parkland on City property. Adopt-A-Park also educates the public about creating and preserving clean and safe parks for everyone.

Who can adopt a park?
Anyone! Adopt-A-Park aims to unite and support all people interested in improving Yuba City’s neighborhood open spaces.
Our participants include:
* Individuals * Senior Citizens * Neighborhood associations * Youth groups
* Schools * Scouts  * Church groups * Business
* Non-profit organizations * Community groups

What can be adopted?
Particular areas within parks that may be adopted include:
 * Flower beds * Playgrounds * Trees and shrubs
 * Courts * Undeveloped parkland * Trails

How can we help?
 Participants care for their adopted area in the following ways:
* Picking up litter * Raking wood chips (playgrounds) * Reporting park hazards/irrigation problems
* Sweeping courts and pathways * Pulling weeds Under the direction of the Parks Division
* Pruning * Planting

Adopt A Park Volunteer

Kelsey Myers
Recreation Coordinator