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Bids for 17-01 5th Street Bridge Replacement Project were opened on September 20, 2017 at 2 pm at the City of Yuba City Council Chambers. Below are the bid results. Full bid documents are available for view on the Bid Express solicitation page (

17-01 Bid Results

The City Council of the City of Yuba City rejected all previous bids for the 5th Street Bridge Replacement Project on August 15, 2017 and authorized a readvertisement of the project for bids. Contract documents will be available electronically through Bid Express (, an electronic bidding website. There is no charge for bidders to obtain contract documents electronically through Bid Express, though you must register with Bid Express. Hard copies of the contract documents will only be made available upon request by contacting the Yuba City Public Works Department at (530) 822-4626.

 NOTE: Contractors submitting bids must do so electronically through Bid Express (

Bid Resources:

Bid Express Solicitation

Information Handout:

Foundation and Geotech Reports:
5th Street Bridge Foundation Report
5th Street Bridge Replacement GDR

Asbestos and Lead-containing Paint Survey:
S9853-01-02 Roadway Stripe Report_11.15
S9853-05-03 Fifth St Bridges Rpt_07.16_v.1

Bridge As-Builts:
2nd Street RR Bridge As-Builts
5th St 1994 Retrofit Plans
5th St Bike Lane & Widening
5th Street_2nd Street Bridge As-Builts
Marysville 5th St Underpass

Levee Cut-off Plans:
Feather River West Levee Gap Closure

Cross Sections:

Temporary Easements and Agreements:
Maint Consent Letter_Dec2016
State Lands Agreement -PRC 1929 - 5th Street Bridge - Lease
UPRR - Quitclaim Deed and TCE
UPRR Quitclaim Deed - Recorded

Complete Biological Opinions:
NMFS Complete BO

Complete CVFPB Permit:
Complete CVFPB Permit

Soil Sample Analysis Report:
UPRR Soil Sampling Letter_06.17

Sewer Video



Bid Open Date

Engineer’s Estimate

Plans & Specifications

5th Street Bridge Replacement Project 9/20/17 at 2 pm $55,100,000 Available Electronically:
Bid Express Solicitation