Flood Evacuation Management

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Welcome to the Yuba City Flood Evacuation Management page.

The City of Yuba City is working on ways to improve and increase its circulation of and accessibility to information that pertains to local evacuations.

Yuba City Emergency Evacuation Procedures 

There are several factors that must be considered during an evacuation with very few situations being the same.  The city has been divided into 5 zones to help coordinate evacuations depending on the situation.  It should be noted that the 5th and 10th street bridges will likely be closed in order to ease traffic flow in neighboring jurisdictions.  The following are some additional considerations.

  • Each school within the city has their own evacuation plans.  The Police Department will consider and try to accommodate parents attempting to reunite with their children should an evacuation arise during school hours.  Schools are cautious and will likely cancel school if the potential for an evacuation exists.
  • Care homes or houses with in home house care will have transportation provided by Bi-County and other ambulatory services.
  • Shelter locations will be determined by the OES and are dependent on the areas of the hazard itself. 
Who has the authority to call an evacuation? 

Cities call evacuations within their incorporated area. Counties call evacuations in the unincorporated areas. Key public safety officials in each entity play a role in the decision. The Sheriff has authority to call an evacuation, as does the County Public Health Officer. The Governor also has the authority to call an evacuation.

Zone 1 Yuba City Evacuation Map
  • Evacuate west on Butte House Rd. and Hwy. 20
  • Evacuate south on George Washington Blvd.
Zone 2 Yuba City Evacuation Map
  • Evacuate west on Hwy. 20 and Butte House Rd.
  • Evacuate south on Hwy. 99.
Zone 3 Yuba City Evacuation Map
  • Evacuate west on Hwy. 20 or west on Pease Rd. to southbound Township Rd. to westbound Butte House Rd.
  • Evacuate south on Hwy. 99.
Zone 4 Yuba City Evacuation Map
  • Evacuate west on Hwy. 20 or Franklin Ave.
  • Evacuate south on Hwy. 99
Zone 5 Yuba City Evacuation Map
  • Evacuate west on Franklin Ave., Lincoln Rd., or Bogue Rd.Each of these roads intersects with George Washington Blvd. which can be taken northbound to westbound Hwy. 20 or taken southbound.
  • Evacuate south on Hwy. 99 or Garden Hwy.

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