Flood Evacuation Management

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Welcome to the Yuba City Evacuation Management page.

The City of Yuba City is working on ways to improve and increase its circulation of and accessibility to information that pertains to local evacuations.

Yuba City Emergency Evacuation Procedures 

Yuba City’s All-Hazard Evacuation Map, which is comprised of 35 sub-zones.  This evacuation map is based on lessons learned from other disasters, which allows first responders to isolate a single neighborhood and/or evacuee larger portions of the City in a safe and efficient manner.  Utilizing the Emergency Notification System (CodeRed - Sign up), citizens in these sub-zones may receive one of three types of emergency notifications:

    • Evacuation Warning      
      • Alerts people in an affected are of a potential threat to life and property.
      • Let’s people know that if they need additional time to evacuate, that they should consider leaving during this time.
      • Prepares people for potential Evacuation Order.
    • Evacuation Order (Mandatory)
      • Immediate movement of people out of the area
      • Staying risks the life of civilians and First Responders
      • This is a lawful order to leave now
      • The area is lawfully closed to public access
  • Shelter in Place
  • Advises people to stay secure at their current location by remaining in place as evacuation will cause a higher potential for loss of life.


Yuba City Fire may be involved in several types of public safety notifications based upon the complexity and/or severity of the Incident, which may include:

  • Chemical Spills and HazMat Incidents
  • Wildfire Events
  • Flooding or High-Water Events
  • Active Shooter Situations
  • Power Outages
  • Severe Weather

In addition, this evacuation map identifies four Community Relocation Centers.  These are not evacuation sites; however, these locations are capable of transitioning into an Evacuation Shelter and/or grouping evacuees in a safe location for a limited time.   These pre-established Community Relocation Centers allow First Responders to immediately evacuate citizens in a hazard zone without the delay of establishing a full evacuation site. 

  • Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds
  • Yuba City Senior Center
  • Sikh Temple on Bogue Road
  • Sikh Temple on Tierra Buena Road
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Interested in tracking our local water levels? The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) monitors local water levels, including the Feather River for data analysis and to gauge local flood risk.

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