Industrial Pretreatment
The City of Yuba City operates an Industrial Pretreatment Program which is designed to control and eliminate toxic pollutants from entering the local water environment. Toxic pollutants discharged into the sanitary sewer system may interfere, inhibit, or bypass the City owned wastewater treatment facility, endanger the health and safety of wastewater personnel, damage the structural integrity of the City’s Collection (Sewer) System and adversely impact the local environment.

The Pretreatment Program issues industrial waste discharge permits to select businesses and industries, samples and monitors wastewater in the collection (sewer) system, ensuring that businesses and industries are complying with their discharge permit requirements and/or Best Management Practices.  Additional components of the Pretreatment Program include managing the City’s Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Control Program, as well as the public outreach and education.

Pretreatment Staff

Contact information for Pretreatment Staff members.

Phone Number    E-mail
Environmental Compliance Manager: Kathy Willis
(530) 822-3264 ext. 3311
   [email protected]
Environmental Compliance Coordinator: Laci Heggstrom (530) 822-3264 ext. 3501
   [email protected]



Federal, State, and Local regulatory information designed to help  businesses and industrial users comply with regulatory requirements.

»  Region 9: Water Programs - Pretreatment Program
Download fileYuba City Municipal Code (Chapter 5 - Wastewater Collection & Treatment) 

Permitted Industrial Users

Discharge permit forms and information for permitted Industrial users.

Download file Industrial User Discharge Permit Fees
Download file Industrial User Fees
Download file Who needs a discharge permit

Forms and Applications

Download file Treated Groundwater Discharge Permit Application
Download file Industrial/Commercial Wastewater Discharge Permit Application

Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Control Program

Information for Food Service Establishments (FSEs) on how to properly manage and dispose of FOG waste.

» Fats Oils and Grease Program

Septic Waste Haulers

Discharge permit forms and information for permitted septic waste haulers.

Download fileSeptic Hauler Renewal Application
Download fileNew Septic Hauler Permit Application

Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Residential and Business specific information to help minimize waste and unnecessary pollution. Together, we can all help keep our environment and water ways clean.

Download file Dry Cleaners Industry

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