Alarm Permits & Renewals

The City of Yuba City Alarm Permit Ordinance went into effect on Saturday March 7, 2009. The ordinance is significantly different than the repealed ordinance as it pertains to the alarm user.  Click here to see the ordinance.

To apply for a permit or a renewal click here.

The new ordinance has changed the fees associated with alarm usage in the City of Yuba City, as follows:

Type Cost Notes
New permit cost $44.00* Three year permit
Renewal Cost $44.00* Three year renewal
First two false alarms in (365 days) cost Free  
Third and subsequent alarms in (365 days) cost  $76.00* each Effective July 1, 2017 
Investigation fee cost  $44.00* each

Any questions can be directed to the Yuba City Police Department records unit at (530) 822-4670 or by coming in to the police department between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm weekdays.
Fees are subject to change by ordinance. Call (530) 822-4670 or click here for current amount.

Alarm Permit ApplicationYuba City Police Department
P.O. Box 3447
Yuba City CA 95992-3447
(530) 822-4670




Person who can respond if resident is unavailable and a situation exists that needs to be handled immediately.


List local person other than person/s residing at the above residence


Local site manager or other local person who can and will respond to secure the business.




Alarm Monitoring Company (monitoring service is required)

Failure to provide complete information will result in a denial of this application. [Yuba City Municpal Code Section 4-10..050 (d)]

NOTICE TO ALARM PERMIT APPLICANTS City Ordinance No. 003-09 Effective March 7, 2009 Yuba City Municipal Code Section 4-10 regulates burglary and robbery alarms, authorizes imposition of permit fees, and establishes fees for false alarms. Every person who has an alarm must file an application for and receive a permit from the Chief of Police. Restrictions and regulations of the permit include, but are not limited, to the following: The permit must be obtained prior to the installation of the alarm system. [4-10.040(a-d) YCMC] All alarm systems to be installed shall be installed, monitored, and maintained by licensed personnel pursuant to the provisions of Section 7590 of the Business and Professions Code of the State. [4-10.030] Whenever any person shall cause an alarm system to be installed, connected, operated or maintained without first obtaining a permit as required by this section, a special investigation fee, in addition to the permit fee, shall be collected whether or not a permit is issued. [4-10.040(e) YCMC] Each alarm system permit that is issued shall expire three (3) years after the date of issuance or renewal, unless otherwise suspended or revoked at an earlier time. [4-10.060(c) YCMC]. Permits issued prior to 03/07/09 were valid for two (2) years. Any request to transfer an alarm system permit shall be on a completed alarm permit application and accompanied by a nonrefundable fee in an amount equal to the current renewal fees. [4-10.090 YCMC] If an application for renewal is not received by the Chief of Police within thirty (30) days of the permit expiration date, the permit will be retroactively cancelled on the expiration date and the permittee will be guilty of an infraction each day of continued use of the alarm system after the date of cancellation. [4-10.060(c) YCMC] Any user of an alarm system which produces Excessive False Alarms shall pay a fee to the City as established in Section 3-8.04 of the Yuba City Municipal Code. “Excessive False Alarms” shall mean three or more falsealarms within a three hundred sixty five (365) day period.”[4-10.020(o) YCMC] Audible alarms must have an automatic shut-off that deactivates the sound after 15 minutes. Alarms which emit a siren or automatically dial the Police Department are not permitted. [4-10.030(a-b) YCMC] Whenever any change occurs to the information contained on the Application relating to the information required, written notice must be given to the Chief of Police within ten (10) days. [4-10.050(c) YCMC] Procedures relating to denial, suspension, or revocation of permit, and corresponding procedures for appeal, are found in Sections 4-10.120 and 4-10.130 of the Yuba City Municipal Code. The provisions of this section of the municipal code shall apply to all alarm systems which were installed, connected, operated, or maintained on or prior to the date on which this chapter became effective. [4-10.080(a) YCMC] The full text of this ordinance may be obtained by contacting the Yuba City Police Department, the City Clerk at 1201 Civic Center Blvd, Yuba City CA 95993, or online at