Manny Cardoza
Manny Cardoza

Council Member
Term Expires: November 2020
Phone: (530) 763- 2499
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​Council member Cardoza is a lifelong Yuba City resident, he attended local schools and remained in our community to raise his 3 daughters. He worked in locally owned, family businesses before joining the City of Yuba City in 1979.

Manny spent most of his career in Public Works after starting in the City’s Finance Department. He retired in 2014, after spending nearly 35 years of service to YC residents. Over the course of his career, he built invaluable relationships with people at all levels of the city. After his retirement, he decided to run for one of the open City Council seats as a way of continuing his service to the City. Councilman Cardoza was elected in November, 2016 on the slogan, “He has the Heart for Yuba City”.

In addition to his regular duties as a Council member, his top priorities are public safety as well as the issue of homelessness. Councilman Cardoza is fiscally responsible and will work diligently to keep the city’s finances healthy, the budget balanced and expand economic growth.

Council Member Cardoza serves on the following Boards and Commissions:

Yuba City Seal   City Council Boards and Commission Assignments 2018

Commission                                                                Date/Time/Location                                            Stipend

Gilsizer Drainage District                                           4:00 p.m. Monthly Every 2nd Wednesday         None
(Alternate)                                                                       1201 Civic Center Blvd. Yuba City, CA

North Sacramento Valley                                          9:00 a.m. Mondays TBD                                            None
Integrated Regional Water                                        210 N. Lassen St.
Management Group                                                    City Hall, Willows, CA

Regional Housing Authority                                    12:15 p.m. Twice /Monthly                                 $50 /meeting
                                                                                             1st & 3rd Wednesdays  
                                                                                             1455 Butte House Rd. Yuba City, CA

Bi-County Homeless JPA                                          TBD                                                                                   None

School District Liaison                                               2:00 p.m. Quarterly, First Thursday                    None
                                                                                             750 Palora Ave. Yuba City, CA                                  

Sutter Buttes Flood Control                                    1:30 p.m. Monthly Every 2nd Wednesday          None
Agency (SBFCA)(Alt)                                                   1201 Civic Center Blvd. Yuba City, CA

Sutter Animal Services (SASA)                               1:00 p.m. Jan 22nd, April 16th, June 25th         None
(Alt)                                                                                    & Oct 22nd 2018

Yuba Sutter Transit Authority                                 4:00 p.m. Monthly Every Third Thursday      $50/meeting
                                                                                            915 8th St. Marysville