Storm Water Resource Plan
The City of Yuba City is pleased to announce the development of a grant-funded Storm Water Resources Plan (SWRP) for the Yuba City Basin.  The purpose of the SWRP is to protect storm water quality by reducing pollutants and trash and to improve the use of storm water as a resource by “bringing to the top” those multi-benefit projects that can best meet the identified priorities on a watershed basis. Qualifying projects will provide benefits to water quality, water supply, flood management, the environment, public education and jobs.

Through Senate Bill 985, SWRPs are now required in order to receive state grant funds from any voter-approved bond measures. The Yuba City Basin SWRP is intended to meet the State’s SWRP guidelines to establish the eligibility of projects for future grant funding.

​How Can I Get Involved?

  • Attend a public meeting! On May 17, 2018 at 6:00 pm, the City held the third of three public meetings to discuss the SWRP to provide an opportunity for community feedback on watershed priorities and potential storm water projects. For more details, click here.
  •  Review the SWRP public draft! The SWRP was available for public review through July 4, 2018. The SWRP was submitted to the City Council on August 21, 2018 for acceptance. If you have questions about the final draft of the SWRP, please email William Jow at

Storm Water Resource Plan

Yuba City Basin Storm Water Resource Plan
Appendix 1A - Water Quality
Appendix 1B - Design Storm Runoff
Appendix 2A - Stakeholder Outreach Plan
Appendix 2B - Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
Appendix 2C - Public Stakeholder Meeting Materials
Appendix 5A - Project Descriptions
Appendix 5B - Multiple Benefits Evaluation Tech Memo
Appendix 5C - Project Evaluation Justification
Appendix 5D - Trash Rack Selection Process
Appendix 8A - RTC
Appendix 8B - RTC
Appendix 8C - RTC


Yuba City SWRP Public Comment Flyer
Yuba City SWRP Public Comment Press Release 6-1-18
Public Meeting #3 Summary
Public Meeting #3 Flyer
Public Meeting #2 Flyer
Public Meeting #1 Flyer
Yuba City Basin Watershed Map
How to Prepare and Submit a SWRP Project
SWRP Project Submittal Form
State Grant Project Submittal Requirements