Fitness Classes

See our Activity Guide for dates and fees.

Body Toning
Mon/Wed @ 9am

It’s time to do some toning up! Strengthen your muscle groups such as abs, arms, legs and much more!

Intro to Line Dancing
Thursdays @ 11:30am

Specifically designed for people with mild physical impairments

Country Line Dancing
Mon/Wed @ 10:30am

Time to dance! Grab those old pair of boots and come learn some great new dances!

 Fit Ball
Tues/Thurs @ 8am
Using a fitness ball, work on conditioning core muscles, improve posture, balance, coordination and flexibility.

 Fitness After 50
Tues/Thurs @ 9am

Join Cecilia for fun-filled cardio! Great way to be active, get your blood flowing and heart rate up.

Tai Chi
Wednesdays @ 12:30

These gentle exercises are designed to target both brain and body. Specific movements improve balance, agility, strength and coordination using breathing techniques to calm stress, and sharpen concentration.


Zumba Gold
Tuesdays @ 10:10am

Zumba Gold is a fun, low-impact aerobic class designed for older adults.  Move to the beat at your own speed with dance movements set to exciting Latin rhythms.  Build strength, balance, flexibility and memory! Most of all...HAVE FUN!!

Mon/Wed @ 8am

This class incorporates a rejuvenating mix of body, mind and spirit relaxation. Enhance flexibility, balance, endurance, and improve posture; strengthen your muscles and immune system while releasing inner stress.

 Balance Class
Mon/Wed @ 9am

Improve balance, strengthen lower body, increase range of motion,  improve posture and increase core strength.