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Municipal Election November 3, 2020

The next Yuba City General Municipal Election will occur on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.  The first day candidates may pick up nomination documents is Monday July 13, 2020 at City Hall.   The last day to file your nomination papers is August 7, 2020.  

It is recommended to call for an appointment with the City Clerk to receive your candidate information and nomination papers.  Call (530) 822-4817 for an appointment (it should only take about 1/2 hour). 

The following Offices will be on the ballot:
 - Two members of the City Council
 - City Clerk
 - City Treasurer

“Getting Started Now”

  • Review the Fair Political Practices Commission (“FPPC”) Campaign Disclosure Manual 2, which is available online at www.fppc.ca.gov.  This manual provides information on campaign disclosure rules as required under the Political Reform Act. If you have any questions, the FPPC provides advice by phone at 1-800-275-3772 or by e-mail at advice@fppc.ca.gov.

  • File FPPC Form 501 Candidate Intention Statement with the City Clerk before receiving contributions or spending your own funds (blank forms are available from the City Clerk or at www.fppc.ca.gov  and Campaign Disclosure Manual 2 gives detailed instructions for completing Form 501.)

  • Keep a record of all expenditures and contributions of $25 or more (refer to Campaign Disclosure Manual 2 for record-keeping guidelines).

  • Never accept or spend $100 or more in cash.

  • Open a bank account if you plan to receive contributions from others or you plan to expend personal funds totaling $2,000 or more.  All money used for campaign purposes, including the candidate’s personal funds, must be deposited in the campaign bank account prior to the expenditure. The only exception is the (optional) candidate statement deposit which will be paid at the time you file your Nomination Papers with the City Clerk.

  • File FPPC Form 410 Statement of Organization with the Secretary of State along with a filing fee of $50, made payable to the Secretary of State, within 10 days of receiving $2,000 in contributions.  File a copy of the form 410 with the City Clerk.  Blank forms are available from the City Clerk or at www.fppc.ca.gov and Campaign Disclosure Manual 2 gives detailed instructions for completing Form 410.

  • Once you have submitted your Form 410 to the Secretary of State (SOS), you can visit their website to find your committee ID number.  Enter the name of your committee in the search bar of the Cal-Access database.  If your ID number has been issued, the search results will show it next to your committee name.  If the system cannot find your ID number, the SOS may not have had time to issue it yet, or there was an error on the Form 410 and they have sent you a letter via USPS asking you to correct the error and re-submit the form.

Click on the following links to access candidate forms, regulations, manuals and other election resources:

Fair Political Practices Commission (Website)

Other Resources


City Clerk at (530) 822-4817 or email cityclerk@yubacity.net to begin process.

Election Information  - November 3, 2020

 Statement of Economic Interests
Campaign Statement Due  8/7/2020
1st Campaign Statement Due 9/24/2020 
2nd Campaign Statement Due 10/22/2020
Code of Fair Campaign Practices
Form 497
Statement of Qualifications
Manny Cardoza
(530) 763-2499

Form 700
Form 460 - Cardoza
Form 460 - Cardoza 
Form 460 - Cardoza   Code - Cardoza
 Form 497 - Cardoza
Manny Cardoza
 Shon Harris
(530) 400-9205

Form 700
Form 460 - Harris
Form 460 - Harris
Form 460 - Harris  Code - Harris
Form 497 - Harris
Shon Harris
Wade Kirchner
(530) 933-7183
 Form 700
Form 460 - Kirchner
Form 460 - Kirchner Code - Kirchner
 Form 497 - Kirchner
Wade Kirchner
Gerry Mains
(530) 520-1806
Form 700
 Form 460 - Mains
Form 460 - Mains  Code - Mains
   Gerry Mains
Spencer Morrison
(530) 822-4803
Incumbent - Treasurer

Form 700

Jackie Sillman
(530) 790-5152
Candidate - City Clerk

 Form 700