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Bicycle Master Plan

In 1995, Fehr & Peers Associates, Inc. prepared the Yuba-Sutter Bikeway Master Plan (1995 Plan) which served as a blueprint for the developing bikeway system between the incorporated cities of Marysville and Yuba City and the counties of Sutter and Yuba.  Since the preparation of the 1995 Plan, Yuba City has grown tremendously in terms of the corporate limits and population.  This growth has created a need for an updated Bicycle Master Plan (Plan) to address bikeways and facilities specifically in Yuba City.

In order to gain public input in the preparation of the Plan, staff solicited members of the public to participate on a Bicycle Master Plan Committee.  Through four public meetings, Committee participants discussed initial needs, reviewed the existing bikeway system, identified goals and policies, assisted with the development of the proposed bikeway network, prioritized projects, and reviewed the draft Plan.

Through the process, the Committee established twelve goals:

  1. Maximize public participation in planning and implementation of bikeway projects.
  2. Continuously increase the use of the bikeway system.
  3. Develop a comprehensive bikeway system.
  4. Provide continuous bikeways.
  5. Create safe routes.
  6. Evaluate and provide bicycle storage facilities.
  7. Create an education component.
  8. Upgrade existing bikeways and facilities.
  9. Maximize the amount of state and federal funding for bikeway improvements.
  10. Maintain existing facilities.
  11. Earn the designation of Yuba City as a "Bicycle Friendly Community".
  12. Enhance enforcement programs to reduce collisions, injuries and fatalities.

In order to expand the existing bikeway network from 40 miles to 108 miles, increase ridership, and achieve the twelve identified goals, the Plan recommends the following:

  • Continue to implement the General Plan and incorporate "complete street" designs in new development.
  • Apply bicycle facility design guidelines.
  • Provide education and outreach to the community to promote bicycling and safety.
  • Increase enforcement to reduce bicycle related accidents.
  • Maintain the facilities currently in existence.
  • Secure funding to pay for the construction of priority projects.
  • Implement short term projects.
  • Establish a Bicycle Advisory Committee as a subcommittee to the Parks and Recreation Commission to monitor the success and implementation of the Plan.

The Plan was adopted by City Council on February 1, 2011. With the adoption of the Plan, the City maintains eligibility to competitively compete for grant funds such as the Bicycle Transportation Account program administered by the State.