Water-Wise Garden
WaterWise Garden Fall 2021

Water-Wise Garden

The City of Yuba City Water-Wise Garden can be found on the west side of Gauche Aquatic Park.  This botanical garden demonstrates a variety of plants that are showcased in four distinctive gardens:  California Natives, Wildlife Attracting, and Low Maintenance A and B Gardens.  The four gardens feature over 400 drought-tolerant plants for residents and businesses that are looking for a water-wise choice of landscaping and what to see what they look like.        

  • California Native Garden features plants that thrive in the climate and soil conditions of our area.
  • Wildlife Attracting Garden is designed to highlight water-wise plants that support native birds and insects.
  • Low-Maintenance Gardens A & B showcase hardy and reliable plants that require minimal maintenance.

Water Wise Garden

Volunteer Resources 

The UCCE Master Gardeners of Yuba-Sutter helped to plant the original Yuba City Water-Wise Garden, and continue to be a great resource for our community.  Throughout the year they offer plant workshops and demonstrations for residents.  We encourage Yuba City residents to reach out to the Master Gardeners with help learning about drought-tolerant landscaping and planning your own water-wise garden!

Who are they?  They are trained representatives of the University of California Cooperative Extension.  Click here for additional information or to contact them directly.  

Additional Tips and Resources 
The Save Our Water website has an extensive amount of conservation tips for your yard and home.  Check it out here.  

Landscaping can be tough when trying to conserve water especially when it comes to selecting the right water-wise plants for your garden.  Find out what other Californians have done with their yards here

Contact Us

For additional information about the Water-Wise Garden, please contact Scarlett Harris at [email protected] or by phone (530) 822-3264 ext. 3301. 

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