16-08 Residential Resurfacing Project 2016
Location:        Throughout Yuba City (Map) 
Contract Award:    Winter 2016
Project Start:    Winter 2016/Spring 2017

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of public streets within the City. The Residential Resurfacing Project 2016 proposes to maintain City roadways with multiple rehabilitation methods including slurry seals and asphalt rubber cape seals on designated roadways. Repair methods and locations were determined based on the condition of the roadway, road category, and efficiency.

The Engineering Division selected the locations for the Residential Resurfacing Project 2016 with the use of the StreetSaver Pavement Management System, which tracks the condition of each roadway within the City and recommends appropriate repair methods. City Council approved the plans, specifications, and budget for the project at the August 16, 2016 Council meeting.

Council Actions:

Approval of Plans & Specifications

Project Manager:

Manu Dhaliwal, Assistant Engineer
(530) 822-7685